Circa Home


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Like you, we know the importance of evoking moments from the past and creating memories for the future.  Circa Home is reminiscent of a bygone era, a special time, a captivating memory.

Generous yet well designed, Circa Home brings you warmth and comfort when you want to indulge or give a special gift. 

Our fragrances have been created for many functions in any room of the house: try vanilla or citrus for the kitchen, floral for the bathroom, coconut for the living areas. 

Circa Home Scented Soy Wax Candles create a beautiful ambient effect in any room: perfect for entertaining, relaxing in the bath or just enjoying some well-deserved time in the comfort of your home.

And when you come home to a Circa Home Fragrance Diffuser, you will be instantly welcomed with a delicious scented fragrance that warms the heart and pleases the soul.

One last important thing, Circa Home products are Australian made and pay homage to the natural environment, with careful thought given to the reusable and recyclable nature of the products.