A festive guide from our friends at Oh It's Perfect



Oh It's Perfect believe (and we agree) that a beautifully wrapped gift adds so much to the gift giving experience, so they've shared three favourite ways to personalise your gift wrapping in unique and fun ways this festive season. Don't worry, their suggestions can easily be pulled off within minutes! 


Cinnamon Stick Reindeers

You just need 3 cinnamon sticks, 2 googly eyes, one red pom pom and a hot glue gun for this. Assemble it in two minutes and attach to any gift. They've used this idea to wrap up our Cinnamon Sticks Candle…. it’s just a perfect match!



Yarn/String Christmas Tree

You need bakers twine (yarn/ribbon or string) and one pom pom for this. Just wrap the string around the gift in a triangular shape ( so it looks like a tree) and seal in place with glue. Attach a pom pom up the top. And you are done. It just takes a couple of minutes, and is an inexpensive way to create the wow factor. Here's how it looks wrapping our Hand Care Gift Set.



Christmas Baubles

You need a string, glue gun and Christmas baubles for this idea. All you have to do is string the baubles through and wrap around your gift. Hold them in place by gluing to the wrapping sheet at various spots. You can use the baubles in contrasting colours to make it look more interesting.