I often feel that after the long summer holidays, the world doesn’t quite feel back to normal until at least February. Now we’re all back to business, finding time for keeping house can be a challenge around a busy calendar. Here I’ve put together a few ideas for how I keep key areas of the house ticking along nicely without losing my whole weekend to chores.

 Tara Dennis in Kitchen with Blood Orange

My biggest secret is to steal back time on the weekend by tackling smaller tasks throughout the week. Focusing daily on key areas like the kitchen, laundry and bathroom saves me hours on my weekend as nothing ever gets out of control.  In the kitchen it can be so easy for things to get messy so I keep clutter to a minimum by replacing tea, cereal or other cardboard boxes with sealed glass jars or clear tubs. These not only look neater, but will keep food fresh for longer! Tubs are easy to stack in cupboards and in the fridge while jars look great on display, letting you easily see what you’ve got on hand and what you might need to buy more of. My tip here, shop on a quiet week night or morning!

 Blood Orange Candle

Of course, it is still easy for cupboards and drawers to become messy over time so set yourself a goal of sorting one at a time whenever you have a free moment. For me, this might be while I’m waiting for dinner to cook, or while supervising homework. Finally, keep the kitchen smelling great by lighting a candle in the evenings after you’ve finished cooking. I like to use natural fragrances, and in the kitchen, I can’t go past Blood Orange! It’s a zingy fragrance mixing blood orange with lemon and grapefruit, leaving a light, fresh scent that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

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