Getting the washing done can be time-consuming and it’s tempting to let clean piles of clothes build up and leave the folding and ironing to the weekend. Try to keep on top of things by setting smaller tasks like folding and ironing any clean clothes as soon as they come off the line. Just like in the kitchen, keep clutter to a minimum and store your laundry powders and detergents in glass jars instead of in cardboard boxes. You can also keep things like shoes polishes, pegs, spare buttons, and pet food in jars, keeping your counters clear and easier to dust down. As a bonus finishing touch, place a diffuser next to your laundry sink with a fragrance that reminds you of clean, fresh clothes. While fresh linen is a go-to, lately I’ve been loving the new blood orange fragrance. The vibrant citrus scent has an undertone of Jasmine, which leaves your laundry smelling fresh and bright! 

 Candle Burning

To keep your bathroom at its best, place items such as hairdryers and make-up away to keep your surfaces clear. If you don’t have a dedicated cupboard or vanity unit, think about investing in some free-standing shelves or baskets to keep your everyday essentials neat and accessible. Find a storage system that works for you and stick to it! Brighten the whole room by replacing old or discoloured towels with some fresh new white ones. If you do want to introduce some colour, you can do so in accessories such as fresh flowers and a new soap dispenser. While you’re at it, add your favourite candle to the mix and light it before a shower or bath. For a refreshing and relaxing scent, I’ve chosen blood orange. The citrus scent will wake you up while the undertone of musk will leave you feeling perfectly relaxed. 

 Bathroom with candle burning

By going through your home doing small jobs daily it’s relatively easy to stay on top of things and complete tasks you might have ordinarily left to the weekend. The incentive, spending more time on your days off relaxing with your loved ones and happy knowing your house is in order.