1.Tell us a little bit about yourself! 
I am a Melbourne-based content creator, graphic designer, typographer and photographer. I launched my business, Design By Aikonik, in 2006. Design By Aikonik has now become an online platform dedicated to bringing daily inspiration through flat lay creations, photography, handwritten typography which incorporates design, visual imagery revealing my love of all things skincare, beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. This followed with the launch of my online store in October 2018, a series of minimalist art prints and stationery – including downloadable calendars, notebooks and notepads. 


2.What does Christmas look like in your home?
The family home is always very festive. The Christmas tree goes up every year on the 1st December (no earlier and no later!) and the house is decorated with ornaments and some fairy lights. Then the festive candles come out and start to be burnt to really give the scent and feeling of Christmas. This year I have stocked up on the Circa Home Raspberry and Rhubarb candle and diffuser, so the entire house has the same fragrance throughout. This is definitely a signature scent for Christmas day, having a candle burning during the day gives a subtle scent that never goes unnoticed. 


3. What is your favourite festive memory and/or tradition?
Without fail every year my immediate family get together for Christmas Eve and head out to dinner (every year is a different restaurant). Christmas morning is always up early to give each other our gifts and usually we do this one by one – nothing better than seeing everyone’s reactions to the gifts they receive.


4. What are your top tips on gifting for Christmas season? E.g. How do you pick out your gifts, any tips/hacks for fun personalised wrapping, any gift ideas, etc. 
I always love to try to be as personal as possible when choosing gifts for friends and family. Finding gifts that have meaning to them, like creating a framed print with their favourite quote, which is something I will be doing this year. I love gifting candles, knowing your loved one’s favourite scent is a sure given, it’s going to go down a treat when they instantly love the fragrance. I know my sister will definitely be getting the Cira Home Watermelon and Coconut candle for her apartment! Circa Home also have amazing small gifts like trio candle sets and bonbons that are perfect for those last-minute stocking fillers and always great for quick gifts you want to give to friends. 

I love to customise and colour coordinate my gift wrapping by choosing a theme like white paper with gold ribbon and a handwritten name tag, that way I know which presents are mine to give under the tree and also giving that personalised touch. I love putting together lots of little presents, wrapping them individually so it makes the unwrapping process that much more fun. 


5. In a few words, share a reflection on your 2019 and any words of wisdom for the new year.
2019 for me has been all about change and growth of my business. From becoming fully self-managed and taking controls of all business matters myself and building direct relationships with my clients has really personalised the process of how I like to run my business. I always say ‘be patient good things are coming’, along with hard work of course. I really believe that when you put your mind to something the benefits will always find a way of coming back to you and I will be taking this with me in the new year.