1.Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I'm Krystal - Sydney based mama to 3 beautiful girls and wife to Ben. We run our own business, I do some blogging and then also and more importantly spend as much time as I can with our girls, being Mum is the greatest gift but gosh its BUSY!


2.What does Christmas look like in your home?
FUN! Always fun - but we are definitely busy. We love catching up with family and friends at this time of year and making memories with them. Having kids really meant Christmas took on a whole new meaning. I remember when I was a kid, Christmas time was always so special - and so I try to create the same for our kids! I love keeping traditions like watching Christmas movies together, going to church, Christmas dinner with our friends, and having a Christmas scent for my home - the Circa Home Christmas Collection is beautiful - we love the Coconut Watermelon this year!

3. What is your favourite festive memory and/or tradition?
It’s funny - when we put the Angel or star on top of our tree, every year we take turns for the girls do to it, but EVERY YEAR we have to go back and check for camera footage to remember whose turn it is!! All the years seem to blend together. But I do love this tradition and our girls enjoy it too!  We also LOVE getting a plate ready for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve.

4. What are your top tips on gifting for Christmas season? E.g. How do you pick out your gifts, any tips/hacks for fun personalised wrapping, any gift ideas, etc.
Well - first things first - I LOVE putting up the tree with them - especially at this age where they are able to help! I also love involving them in the Christmas shopping - I get them to buy a gift for each other as I think it’s important that they think about each other and not just what they are getting themselves. It’s always fun seeing what they come up with to give each other. We do an advent calendar each year and that brings some excitement to each day in December!  We love Christmas baking with their Aunty- which is messy - but SO much fun!

On Christmas Day, when we have dinner with my parents, we usually give the kids their presents before dinner - we've learnt this is CLEVER because it keeps them entertained for the whole evening! And yes – there’s paper and boxes everywhere but it’s fun, and it’s what Christmas memories are made of! Having a scent for Christmas each year is special too - scents can bring back so many memories for us. We have been using the Blood Orange Circa Home candle for the last couple of years and it always reminds me of Christmas.


5. In a few words, share a reflection on your 2019 and any words of wisdom for the new year.
Each year as I grow up, and our girls grow up, the time just seems to go faster - we still get the same 365 days each year - but it seems to go by that little bit quicker. Each year has challenges, but we must find joy and let that be what we hold on to. If I can give any words of wisdom for 2020 it would be to soak up all those little moments with your family. Be present with them! Laugh together, go on adventures, make memories and find the joy in each day.