A beautifully simple table setting is just the trick to breathe life into your Christmas gathering. Using these three simple tips, you will not only impress your guests with a uniquely laid table, it will reinforce the relaxed spirit of your festive season. 





1. Centrepiece 
You can’t look past greenery for its cooling earthy freshness. Not only is it inexpensive and simple, it’s an enormously effective way to add your own special touch to the Christmas table setting. Here, we’ve used some beautiful Baby Blue Eucalyptus down the centre of the table offset by some deliciously fragrant candles from the Circa Home 2016 Christmas collection. Baby Blue Eucalyptus is easy to find. If it’s not in your local supermarket, most florists will have some on hand. Here is a step by step guide for a beautiful DIY Eucalyptus Garland.  

2. Dinnerware
You don’t need to buy a new dinner set or matching glasses to make your table elegant, you can create a simple setting using things you already have at home. Mix and match plates and purchase some fabric as an inexpensive alternative to a table cloth. Cotton Linen blends range from $8-29 at Spotlight

3. Napkins & Twine
Wrap crisp napkins in twine and embellish the plate with a Silver Suede leaf or a sprig of rosemary. This simple technique will bring a relaxed, rustic feel to your table setting. Purchase twine at Spotlight for $3.99.