The Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hoo-ga) has been buzzing around the style radar this year. If you’re familiar with it, you’ll know the closest translation is ‘cosiness’. But what is all that fuss really about?


To the Danes, Hygge means so much more than simply ‘cosiness’. It’s a state of mind that permeates the Danish way of life. Hygge is about comfort and connection; connection to yourself, to loved ones and to the space around you, whether that be your home sanctuary or the wider world.

It is about finding happiness in appreciating the small moments in life. It’s like mindfulness wrapped in a cosy blankie; the smell of a cake in the oven, the feel of your toes digging into a thick carpet, sliding into a pair of fluffy socks, sharing a delicious meal with family or friends, or a warm bubble bath and a good book. Hygge is everywhere just waiting to be discovered.


Hints to Hygge your Home

Hygge isn’t something you can ‘create’ by following a checklist. It’s personal for everyone. So instead, here are five little hints about how you might achieve a ‘Hygge Home’ – and who knows, you might already be more Hygge than you think.



1. Spread the love with candles

Your go-to Hygge fix is filling your home with candles, and lots of them. Ambient light flickering through opaque glass, a warming glow, hypnotic scents wafting into every corner of the room – the mood-switch automatically flicked over to relaxation. It’s the perfect time to try Circa Home’s signature winter fragrance, Narcissus & Patchouli.  




2. Get comfy

Whether it’s pulling on a pair of slippers or woolly socks when you walk in the door, or sinking into a lounge decked out with chunky knit cushions and fluffy throws (or both), the look and feel of a luxurious  texture is a sure fire way to get the Hygge flowing in your space.




3. Add personal touches

There’s no better way to deliver a sense of wellbeing than by adding personal touches to your surroundings. Put out a few photos that remind you of special times, or display travel trinkets that spark a story you can share. The idea is to enjoy each space in your home as much as you can, so you feel relaxed and happy – because that wonderful feeling of Hygge is incredibly infectious.




4. Share the joy around

Staying indoors and hibernating on your own may be appealing when it’s cold (and who doesn’t love a bit of quiet time every now and then) – but doesn’t everyone feel the same at this time of year? Why not share your sanctuary with those you adore. Invite them around for a cuppa or a delicious wholesome meal, sit around the fire and share in some great conversation – building the Hygge together.




5. Embrace simplicity

The secret to Hygge is not to over-do things. Meals, table settings, decor doesn’t need to have an extravagant wow-factor. The aim is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where meaningful conversation flows and guests feel at home. Remember, it’s the simple things in life that make Hygge so achievable – so take each moment as it is and feel your daily stresses melt away.