Spring. It’s a time of new beginnings, gardens starting to bloom, warmth in the air, daylight hours extended. But why should ‘outside’ have all the joy? Get ready to dust away the winter cobwebs and inject some of that spring magic into your home too.

The annual ritual of the ‘spring clean’ may seem like a chore, but in reality who doesn’t get a well-earned kick out of decluttering your home? When your home is clean, clear, and beautifully arranged it once again becomes a sanctuary. The process is therapeutic for the mind and soul, giving you time to breathe again and take in beauty you have created.





While we’re on the topic of breathing, don’t forget to add the finishing touches when you complete your spring clean. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of fragrance to create a mood that transforms the atmosphere of your living space. So top everything off with a delicious new spring fragrance from the Circa Home Fresh Family – candles, diffusers, hand washes, layer it up for a wonderful effect.

Swap out rich winter woody scents for fragrances that capture the light-hearted mood of spring – think crisp citrus, zesty fruits, green leaves and cool aquatics with delicate musk notes. Why not try Circa Home’s new Fresh Linen fragrance – it’s like tumbling into clean sheets, crisp from the line and still kissed by the warmth of the sun, infused with the summer breeze notes of Green Clover, Cotton and Geraniums in flower. Delicious.





There’s nothing quite like opening a fresh candle or dipping the reeds into your brand new diffuser for the first time to put the zing in your spring. And with the characteristically energetic, active and lively fragrances of the season, you can create an inspiring mood in any home. Why not make this a vital part of your spring clean process. 

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