Life can be so hectic, so coming home to a personal space that offers a bit of peace and quiet amid the dramas of the outside world can be just what you need.

We put together some easy steps to turn your home into your very own sanctuary. A place you’ll love coming home to, every single time.





Five Steps to your Home Sanctuary


Step 1. Declutter

We are intrinsically connected to our homes, they mirror our minds and our lives and our souls. So, if your home is cluttered, it’s likely that spills over to other areas of your life too. Clear some space in your physical environment, and see how it opens up emotional space in your life as well.


Step 2. Appeal to all your senses

Decorating our homes with beautiful furnishings and textured accessories makes us feel good. But while visual charm is important to lift the spirits, there are other senses to consider too.  Appealing to the senses of sound and smell are delightfully subtle ways to create a warm, welcoming ambience. Try playing soft music to capture peace and tranquillity. Or further set the mood for your sanctuary by filling your space with wafts of a delicious fragrance – like our new Limited Edition Forest Berries & Fig, available now as both Candle and Fragrance Diffuser.


Step 3. Add some greenery

Nothing is more grounding than being physically connected to the earth, in the outdoors. So why not bring a little of Mother Nature’s special gift inside your home by surrounding yourself with some of our favourite indoor plants. Try these for starters:

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig
2. Monstera Deliciosa
3. Peace Lily
4. Rubber Plant 
5. Succulents





Step 4. Make the space your own

Your home can be a reflection of who you are, expressing your own wonderful personality. Displaying family photos and trinkets or collectibles that spark fond memories is a great way to turn your home into your very own sanctuary and create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. 


Step 5. Create a happy zone

Your sanctuary is almost complete. The final step is to turn a special corner or an entire room into a special place that you feel relaxed and happy – for those times when you need a moment to ‘breathe’. Somewhere you can retreat to, away from the TV or kitchen, where you can unplug from technology and rejuvenate.