Whether you’re preparing for a small gathering of old friends or it’s your turn to host the big Christmas day family do, entertaining at Christmas can sometimes push us over the edge. Here are five simple tips to help make Christmas something you’ll love to do. (And you’ll ask yourself why it was never this easy before!)




1. Share the load.
If you have a vague idea of your menu, why not share the load by asking guests to bring something specific. Delegating responsibilities takes the pressure off, you won’t be stuck in the kitchen and you can spend quality time with your guests.
2. Self-serve is the way to go.
Set a buffet table with large platters and an ice bucket so guests can just help themselves to food and drinks. This gives the whole event a lovely, low-key vibe – and everyone will share your sense of calm.
3. Create the perfect mood with fragrance.
Pop a diffuser in the entranceway to welcome guests with an instant mood-lifting fragrance. Pepper the living space with the lovely glow of candles to provide a warm, relaxed ambience.
4. Let the music do its thing.
Press ‘play’ on a pre-made dinner party playlist then set and forget as Spotify takes care of the music for the night. Try this for inspiration, or create your own.
5. Simple food your guests will love. 
One of the joys of Christmas is spending quality time with friends and family, sharing old memories and creating new ones. This year, don’t spend hours poring over recipe books to curate the perfect menu that sees you stuck in the kitchen and fussing over guests. Instead, why not try some of these simple recipes your guests will love:

Berry Spritz
Herb Tabbouleh with pomegranate & za'atar dressing
Pea, Fennel and Feta Salad
Easy Apple Tart
Roasted Strawberry & Cream Pie