Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, and for many of us, its easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. While there’s often not a lot of extra wiggle room to take time out for yourself, there are definitely some things you can do around your home to make life easier and keep calm during the Christmas rush. 





Save yourself some stress and get the house ready for guests well in advance. Now is the time to sort out any clutter that might be lingering around the house. Even the act of sorting will instantly make you feel calmer! Anything you need to keep can be hidden away with some clever storage solutions. Keep things like toys and magazines in baskets with lids.





While you’re clearing away the clutter, give your entryway a bit of love. Throw away old, unused shoes and keep others in a neat basket for easy access. Remember that first impressions make a huge impact, so invest in a new doormat, and perhaps some fairy lights in a plant by the door to get you in the festive spirit!






A yummy smelling candle or diffuser in the hallway will instantly relax you and your guests. This season, I’m loving a combination of ‘Raspberry and Rhubarb’ and ‘Cinnamon Sticks’ for a warm, traditional fragrance that smells of Christmas baking!







Speaking of Christmas baking… stock up on a few Christmas treats for when guests pop by. Having a tray ready with glasses, cocktail napkins and a jug for iced water on hand will make life so much easier. Keep it in a central location, such as in an out of the way spot on your kitchen bench or dining table, so guests can help themselves!






Arrange the seating in your living area to encourage conversation. For many of us, seating tends to be arranged around the television or stereo for everyday living. Try shaking things up a bit and turn your chairs to face each other for a more social vibe. Dust off your coffee or side tables, and add some coasters for drinks. A centrepiece of candles in varying heights and sizes will add a lovely festive touch, too!






We’re lucky to have warm weather for Christmas. Make the most of it, and prepare your outdoor areas for entertaining too! Like your living areas inside, arrange your seating to make it easier to chat. Wipe down the barbecue and outdoor table, and add a few bright cushions to outdoor furniture for an instant lift!






One last thing to make sure you’ve got yourself covered, is to have a few simple gifts on hand for so you’re not caught short when friends drop around with something for you! Candles, hand soap and lotions make great, inexpensive gifts and are often pre-packaged for easy wrapping. Remember to keep an extra gift or two aside for when you’re invited to somebody else’s house. A hostess gift is always appreciated!


With all things prepared and ready to go, you can take a deep breath and enjoy the season!