For us, fragrance is a means to call upon memories, but recently we’ve discovered that our fragrances are as much about inspiration as they are about reminiscence. With this in mind, we asked Not Quite Nigella how Circa Home inspires her.


Who is Not Quite Nigella?

Lorraine Elliott, also known as Not Quite Nigella, is a food and cake enthusiast who has been blogging since 2007. She has a love for kitsch and unusual things, travelling far for a good meal, and sourcing ingredients to use in her cooking from all around the world. At Circa Home, we too travel far and source our fragrances from all around the world, so our combined dedication for what we do seemed like the perfect fit. This is why we teamed up with Not Quite Nigella and asked her to create three recipes inspired by her favourite Circa Home fragrances.

For me, smell and taste are so intrinsically linked that it was a natural fit." – Not Quite Nigella


The Entrée

Pear, Lime & Hazelnut Salad




This light and nutrient rich salad, inspired by our Pear & Lime fragrance, combines a range of flavours and textures that make a mouth watering combination.
*Tip* - Massage the oil into the rocket leaves to help soften them.




Would you like to have a go at making this simple & easy entree? Get the recipe >>


The Main

Seared Salmon with Green Papaya Salad



Salmon is nutritionally dense and often referred to as a superfood, which is why it is loved by many. Paired with a Green Papaya Salad, inspired by our Mango & Papaya fragrance, this dish is great for the waistline and tastebuds.




Would you like to have a go at making this simple & healthy meal? Get the recipe >>


The Dessert

Orange Blossom, Vanilla & Earl Grey Tiramisu




This dessert is so simple and delicious and can easily be made while entertaining guests. Inspired by our new Neroli & Vanilla fragrance, this dessert will have you coming back for more.

You’ll also notice Not Quite Nigella has taken #reusecircahome to a whole new level, using our Perfect Spaces Candle vessel to serve her dessert in. We think that’s pretty neat.




Would you like to have a go at making this simple & delicious dessert? Get the recipe >>



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