Fragrance has the power to evoke a variety of feelings and transform the atmosphere of your living space.

Our sense of smell is the master of our emotions - with the power to change a mood in an instant. A simple fragrance can comfort, calm, energise and entice.

Our 'Set the Mood' series will help you find the perfect fragrance combination for your home using our Electric Wax Warmer & Soy Melts Collection. It's now time for Part 3...


Romantic Night In

Nothing sets the mood for romance like the use of fragrance. You can smell it, and almost feel it.

Combine sensual notes of vanilla or musk with dim lights, the right music and perhaps some champagne to enhance the intimacy.

These romantic blends will create an enticing atmosphere that's sure to win a heart or two...


Creative Combinations

01. Vanilla Indulgence
A captivating combination of warming vanilla and spicy florals.


1 x Vanilla Bean & Allspice Soy Melt
1 x Neroli & Vanilla Soy Melt


02. Sweet Blossom
An invigorating fragrance with soft white florals and sweet orange blossom.

1 x Jasmine & Magnolia Soy Melt
1 x Neroli & Vanilla Soy Melt


Place one cube of each fragrance in the Circa Home Electric Wax Warmer tray. Flick the switch to turn on the Warmer and enjoy.