Entertaining guests is one of life’s true pleasures, there’s truly no better way to show those you care about how you feel than sharing your home. And with the warmer weather filtering in it’s time to dust off the outdoor furniture and host a dinner or BBQ with friends.

Dinner parties don’t have to be formal or complicated. It’s almost more appealing just to keep everything simple by asking guesting to bring something – maybe a platter or a dessert. Sharing the work around means you don’t find yourself glued to the kitchen and you can spend more time enjoying the company of your friends.





Whether you’re eating inside or out, why not buy some fresh flowers to add a special touch of spring to the table. Flowers not only smell divine, they instantly lift your space and add a sense of life. A smattering of miniature candles can make for an elegant table setting and will provide a subtle aura of warmth and happiness, creating a haven that will raise spirits and inspire engaging conversation.





To create the perfect welcoming atmosphere try a fragrance diffuser near the entrance of your home so that guests are instantly greeted with delicious fragrance. The bathroom too becomes more inviting with the soft glow of a candle.

Fill your home with the Fresh Fragrances of spring from Circa Home. Why not try Pear & Lime, an invigorating blend of zesty Mexican lime, Anjou pear, warm vanilla and sandalwood. It’s sure to encourage a fun and positive atmosphere all evening long.

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