Getting ready for spring doesn’t mean hours spent in rubber gloves. Far from it. Sometimes all it takes is giving your home a boost with a few simple tweaks to your décor. Freshening up with a new look for the season will get that spring clean feel, without the spring clean effort.

Light and bright – spring buzz words that can easily be applied to your home. Updating your bedding can do wonders for a brand new feeling in the bedroom. And a new set of cushions in the living room can do wonders for lightening up the mood. Swap out the dark heavy fabrics of winter for lighter textures and colours to brighten up your space and make it feel more ‘spring-y’.  





It’s the little things that count. In fact, the best accessories are those that don’t scream and shout. They enhance your surroundings by adding a special something to complement the overall look and feel. Try including subtle additions to your home décor like photo frames with light tones and touches of natural wood to achieve a classic, timeless feel. 





Lighten up a dark corner with a floor lamp. Open up the window and let in the breeze and add some fresh flowers to bring some of the joy of outside in. Try a candle to add a pretty glow and deliver a special fresh spring fragrance that breathes some new life into your room.

Giving your home an injection of ‘fresh’ with these simple additions will inspire positivity that you’ll feel and others will notice. The important thing is to keep things simple and make sure everything feels it is in its rightful place. 

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