With just a little over eight weeks until Christmas day, you may well be thinking about dusting off the box of decorations in the garage! While it might be called the silly season, there’s no need to go crazy. Just a few simple things can help you make your home ready for celebrating with family and friends. 






Pick a theme to get yourself going. This has become a real tradition in our house, and my children love to help me decide which colours we’re going to stick to this year! A favourite is silver, white and blue, as these are colours we already have at home. Remember that Christmas decorating need not take over the house, but adds sparkle and fun to what you already have! 





I love to incorporate a lot of natural elements in my decorating and take a lot of inspiration from what I find around my home. We live near a river, so you’ll often find bits of driftwood and shells throughout the house, and I use these at Christmas too! 





I can never go past the smell of fresh pine from a real tree, and choosing one is one of the highlights of Christmas. While a real tree might not be for you, you can still use what inspires you - whether it's some greenery from the garden, or shells from the beach - a hint of nature lends softness to your Christmas look. 





Add some lights to really get you in the Christmas spirit! I always stick to clear fairy lights on the tree, as well as outdoors. Clear lights, rather than coloured, are simple and elegant and add sparkle to your home. Make your Christmas display extra special, and light some of your favourite candles. Nothing says Christmas like candlelight and this year, I’m loving ‘Raspberry and Rhubarb’! 





I always keep a couple of ‘just in case’ gifts, ready and wrapped under the tree. Christmas is a time for catching up with friends and family you may not see often, and you don’t want to be caught short without a gift! Mini candles, lotions, and gift packs make excellent, and inexpensive gifts in boxes that are easily wrapped for when you need them.





One final, but crucial thing to remember is that Christmas is a social occasion! I always take the time to shuffle the furniture in our living area around to cater for conversation, rather than everyday living. If your lounge and chairs normally face the tv, turn them around to face each other, and get your guests chatting. A coffee table in the centre is a must, but make sure to clear any clutter and dust away first! Some coasters for drinks and a pretty candlelit centrepiece will set the mood.


Happy decorating, and enjoy the season!