[Sigh] Don’t you just hate it when you burn to the end of another deliciously fragrant candle? Well it isn’t all doom and gloom you know. Here we show you our top ideas for creatively upcycling Circa Home jars. Our new Limited Edition Forest Berries & Fig Classic Candle has lovely frosted thick glass and beautiful pink decal which makes it perfect to keep long after the candle is used up.

Our #1 Pick – Succulent Planter

Easy-care succulents never fail to add a touch of ‘serenity’ to any surroundings. Both architecturally interesting, and available in a range of calming tones, they are the perfect way to add a splash of nature to your very own sanctuary at home.


What you’ll need:

Empty Circa Home candle jar

Paper towel


Potting mix (if required)

Pebbles (optional)

Step 1. Clean the jar thoroughly.

Simply wipe out jar with a dry paper towel while the wax is still warm or soak it in hot water and then wash it as you would any glass, with soap and water (you can place it in the dishwasher, but we recommend hand washing). Repeat if necessary.

Step 2. Choose your succulent.

Succulents are the perfect set-and-forget choice. They don’t need much upkeep and certainly don’t require a pot with drainage (as long as you don’t overwater, or put them in a place where they can be rained on).


Step 3. Plant your succulent.

Transfer the succulent into your clean jar and top up with additional potting mix (if required) leaving a centimetre or two of space from the rim of the jar. You can then scatter the top with little pebbles for an overall designer effect.

Voilà, you’re done!