Christmas time is brimming with excitement, celebrations, sun-drenched days, scrumptious food and tonnes of love. It’s colourful and energising, but it can also be filled with obligations and the need for meticulous preparation. 

Why not take a moment amidst the hustle and bustle to focus on the simple pleasures of Christmas – like enjoying time with your family and friends, sharing old memories and creating new ones, and hand-picking thoughtful gifts for the special people in your life.






If your usual Christmas list involves chores that find you abandoning your sense of calm, scrap it now. It’s time to write a new one and fill it with the activities that truly give you a sense of Christmas joy. 

My 2016 Holiday List:

1. Decorate the Christmas tree together as a family
2. Watch an old Christmas movie with my partner. Here are some of our picks: Love Actually (2003), Miracle on 34th Street (1947), Home Alone (1990), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)
3. Drive around the neighbourhood in search of Christmas lights
4. Make a garland of stars with the kids. Click here to find an easy step by step guide
5. Bake a batch of simple, delicious Christmas goodies to share. Here is a collection of our favourites to try: Christmas Pinata StarsGingerbread FamilyGinger Shortbread Stars & Star Cookies
6. Relax, laugh and share stories with family and friends
7. Get enough sleep (most important!)

Would you like to create your own list? Download this complimentary template, print it off and pop it on the fridge so you and your family can tick them off as you go.