Things to do when it's too cold to go outside 


With dipping temperatures threatening to dampen your enthusiasm, remember there’s plenty to do indoors when it’s just too cold to venture outside for long. Here are three of our favourite blues busters to help get you through the brrr months. Get in quick, or you’ll miss out.


1. Host a 'Girls Night In'

Hibernation getting you down? You’re not alone, everyone feels it in the colder months. So just because the weather outside isn’t great doesn’t mean you have to put the brakes on having fun. Why not get some friends together and host a ‘Girls Night In’ and raise some money for a worthy cause? Get everybody to bring a bottle of their favourite winter tipple, and then donate the amount you would normally spend on a night out to your favourite charity. Top it off with some fabulous wintry nibbles and a few fun games to play, and you’ll feel alive again before you know it.  





2. Get Crafty

Embrace the downtime offered by the winter months and learn a new skill – calligraphy, crochet, jewellery making, we all want to indulge our creative selves, but never really get around to it. There’s something incredibly special about decking out your home with things you’ve made yourself with love. Check out this DIY gorgeous Round Velvet Cushion and the earthiness of this Driftwood Macrame Wall Hanging. Or, if you prefer to use your green thumbs (even in winter) see our recent post about planting succulents.





3. Bake Some Delicious Goodies

An oldie but a goodie… if there’s one sure-fire way to cure the winter blues is baked goods. Who doesn’t love a cake or two? So it’s time to don an apron, fire up the oven and try your hand at one of these all-time favourite winter baking recipes. 

- Flourless Chocolate Cake: this amazing recipe may be complex, but it’s packed with goodies and so worth the effort. 

Warm Lemon Pudding Cake: combining both fluffy and gooey, this pudding will put a lemony zing in your winter’s day. 

Rocky Road Cookies: super easy to make and super delicious to eat.  

- Stick Date Pudding: this old fave is sure to be a crowd pleaser.