Things to do when it's too cold to go outside 


With dipping temperatures threatening to dampen your enthusiasm, remember there’s plenty to do indoors when it’s just too cold to venture outside for long. Here’s part two of our Winter Blues Busters to help you out during the cooler months. 

 View Part 1 and suggestions 1-3 here. 

2. Roll out the Yoga Mat

Is the cold weather making you struggle to get to the gym (or even go for a walk)? There are lots of great workout tutorials available online that you can do at home in your living room – from ten minute power workouts to relaxing yoga routines, there’s something to suit all styles and abilities. Simply jump on youtube, find the workout of choice and roll out your yoga mat. Then say a firm goodbye to that silly guilt complex you got from eating those wintry baked goodies. 





2. Start a Book Club

While we all complain about the freezing weather, it does afford us some fantastic opportunities for a little self-indulgence. Who doesn’t secretly love the excuse to curl up on the couch with a candle, a delicious cuppa and riveting book? What’s even better is being able to share that experience with others. Why not start a book club? Ask a small group of likeminded mates to get together on a particular night each month, take it in turns to pick a book and play host. You might even discover a literary delight or two. Try these Book Club tips.